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WorkLifeSupport is an online magazine that aims to create the “Work Life Integration” mindset to companies and corporations of all shapes and sizes. 

What is Work-Life Integration?

In Work-Life Integration, a person’s work life and personal life are treated as syncretic and fluid rather than as separate entities. In this way, work-life integration aims to find both balance and compromise, blending personal and professional responsibilities as one. Through this, we’re able to hone a holistic professional, someone who can apply different sets of disciplines across different aspects of their lives.

We believe that SMEs and smaller businesses should adopt the Work-Life integration model because it is the perfect way to run company’s in the digital world, where everything is just as syncretic and fluid. 

Let WorkLifeSupport be Your Guide

We publish tips, insights and other guides for budding entrepreneurs.

Harmonious synchronization of all aspects of your life, personal and work, isn’t just good for you. It’s good for your business and your employees. 

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Our Authors

Michelle Zhu

Michelle Zhu is an HR practitioner and C-level executive for a Fortune 500 company based in Texas. One of the earliest proponents of the “Work-Life Integration” mindset, Michelle has been pioneering the practice in large corporations and cascading it down to SME’s. 

She’s also an angel investor and acts as mentor to various CEOs in startups and other small businesses. Michelle likes to go skiing with her partner and their two kids.

Jonathan Bartlett

Jonathan Bartlett is a serial entrepreneur from Virginia, with extensive background in business and product development. Much like Michelle, he’s also an early proponent of work-life integration, running high octane companies and intermixing his personal commitments. 

Jonathan lectures on the joyful journey of creating a company, sharing his experiences and insight with other entrepreneurs in different States.

Jonathan is a father of four little boys and husband to Sienna who runs her cosmetics company from home.

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