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Headspace is a confidential, personal and professional development programme designed specifically for all Headteachers.

"Headspace has undoubtedly enabled me to remain positive due to the space it creates to problem solve with other professionals.  It has ultimately shaped my future career path."
Lawrence Rouse, Headteacher

"Headspace was a bit of a life saver at the time---things are now buzzing and so much better"
Phil Ormerod, Birchwood Melton Area Special School

"Headspace is an opportunity to step-off the treadmill and to reflect and challenge like-minded colleagues. It gave me the energy and renewed vigour to step back on."
Headteacher - Suffolk

"The key ingredients are all there [with Headspace]: a non-judgemental, confidential atmosphere where colleagues can share openly and work together to formulate solutions."
Headteacher - Redbridge

"For me, Headspace has been a life-saver! [...] If we want Heads to stay in the profession, we really need to support them with this programme."
Headteacher Buckinghamshire

"Thank you to Worklife Support for their professional and organised approach from beginning to end. They worked closely with us tailoring the training to exactly what we needed."
Headteacher - All Saints CofE Rangemore

Worklife Support's [...] approach truly reflects their values: a people-based organisation at the cutting edge of research on matters that affect individuals and teams...
County Council Well-Being Coordinator

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Invest in what will really make a difference - you.

Headspace provides the time and space for Headteachers to explore the most effective leadership behaviours and learn from each other, using action learning and problem-solving techniques.

It offers a safe environment where Headteachers to develop and sustain their own resilience and personal and professional effectiveness. We are currently taking bookings for programmes starting in Autumn 2015.

Register now for our new programmes in Birmingham, Doncaster, London, Luton and Bedfordshire, ManchesterNorfolk, RedbridgeSheffield and  Worcestershire

Coming Soon... other areas are now taking expressions of interest including Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Lincolnshire and Nottingham.

How Does Headspace Work?

Headspace runs over a period of between six and twelve months and is customised to meet the needs of the Headteachers within their specific local context.

The Headspace programme consists of:

  • A whole-day introductory session, followed by,
  • Five half day sessions, all facilitated by a Worklife Support Consultant

The Worklife Support Consultant will work with each group of Headteachers to establish and agree a programme that is relevant and helpful, focussing on the specific concerns and interests of the small group.

Why Work With Us?

  • We have worked with over 800 Headteachers nationally over the past few years.
  • Our skilled facilitators, all from an education background have a deep understanding of the issues facing Headteachers today.
  • Many of our cohorts continue to meet as a group in subsequent years.

The Benefits to Your Headteacher and Your School

Headteachers and their schools have gained the following benefits through their active participation of the Headspace programme :

  • Improved resilience and the ability to work more effectively.
  • Developing creative, robust and sustainable strategies to deal with practical issues of leadership.
  • Enhanced capacity to work in a complex, constantly changing environment, facing challenges with optimism, creativity and innovation.
  • Renewed enthusiasm and commitment for the work they do which has led to an improved productivity and engagement of their staff.
  • How to manage recent changes within the education sector and the impact on their leadership.
  • Improved strategies to manage difficult personalities and performance issues.
  • Greater ability to prioritise and manage the demands of the job.


For me, Headspace has been a life-saver! Having dedicated time to meet with other Headteachers is so important. If we want Heads to stay in the profession, we really need to support them with this programme.
Headteacher, Buckinghamshire

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